Brand New ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT 31 Spline Ford 9″ Drag Race Spool. It has BEARING JOURNAL SIZE —1.78″, BEARING SHOULDER TO SHOULDER LENGTH — 5.47″, TOTAL LENGTH — 7.20″ and NO OF HOLES — 10 (DIA 0.45″). 4140 Heat-Treated Moly Material – Extra Strong!!! Scalloped Design Provides Maximum Strength & Reduced Rotating Weight!! Fits 2.89″ & 3.06″ Cases. DURASOLID SPOOL ARE PROVEN FOR ITS STRENGTH OVER STOCK SPOOLS. Its delivery time is 5-7 working days. For more information visit https://www.durasolid.com/product/spool-ford-9-31-splines/
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